Bolster your clinical expertise

  • Access comprehensive evidence reviews that address efficacy, safety and appropriate utilization, along with the underlying research articles, indexed by level of evidence and manufacturer sponsorship.

  • Cross-reference over 30,000 devices based on functional similarity. Compare products based on their specs, costs, level of differentiation, safety profiles and clinical outcomes.

  • Analyze medical devices from both a cost and clinical perspective to find common ground and build trust with physicians.

Manage effective new product reviews

  • Automate your process and ensure that your committees are organized and armed with the key information to make evidence-based decisions.

  • Deliver relevant research to physicians via email, collect feedback through online voting and proactively keep them informed of the status of their requests.

  • Organize the right mix of committee members, experts and evidence to assess the organizational impact of your decisions.

By providing objective, up-to-date, peerreviewed literature, Lumere enables meaningful conversations and elevates the discussion from being about just devices to being about delivering the best patient care.

Susan G. Miller RN, MN, CMRP, CVAHP

Senior Director, Value Analysis, Jefferson Health